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What is the justification of the photographer’s work? Why does he try to lay on a piece of paper or a computer screen a nature already so perfect? Is it to take the view along, for a purpose of sharing, of giving the captured seen? Is it a selfish or generous approach?


I like to tell little stories, no matter the subject,
it has to tell itself without start, ending or duration.
It justifies its reality by the emotion provoked amongst the viewers:
wether it generates hunger, disgust, hate or admiration.


There are two angles in my work as a photographer:
The first consists in looking at everything with a peculiar eye, that eye that spots interest in a scene and seek to apply its reality on a bidimensional medium, without loosing its potential interest.

The other tries to generate interest from a trivial reality: a food ingredient, its preparation, a still life scene have to be transformed to reach beauty, interest, dignity. Sometimes the magic happens but I don’t know how. There is no trick, no golden rectangle or Fibonacci sequence. Suddenly the arrangement of things just discharges emotion..


I have been a photographer then a cook. Working in the kitchen I was amazed by the aesthetics not only of the finished plate, but also during the whole preparation process, the raw ingredients. I wanted to keep a trace of those steps so I became a photographer again.



The art of living, in my opinion is the culture of the surroundings, not the cult of abundance. Sometimes a single beautiful scene, a chosen object is enough to trigger that sense of “bien-être” where everything is just where it should be, including oneself. This moment, between the simple and the beautiful, the “Just Noticeable Beauty” is something I look for.


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